Forensics Source XCAT Detector w/Case

Style: ARM-7-1001
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Part No. 7-1001
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The XCAT is designed for trace detection of suspicious drugs, explosives and gunshot residue on hands, vehicles, packages and surfaces. It is intended for presumptive testing.

The XCAT uses detection cards with specially formulated optical detection inks and software to identify characteristics unique to each individual or group of chemically related analytes. Each analyte, or group of analytes, is detected with a dedicated card.

The unit uniquely identifies and analyzes each card (e.g. Cocaine or GSR) and returns a red or green light signal to the user simply indicating "detection" or 'no detection."

The exterior dimensions of the Pelican Case are 13.37" x 11.62" x 6." A fully loaded case weighs 7 pounds.