5.11 Tactical Pistol Training 1.5 Video

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Join Viking Tactic's Kyle E. Lamb as he takes you through approximately 90 minutes of instruction and demonstration on combat pistol tactics, drills and mindset. Sight picture, reloads, shooting on the move and more fill out this action-packed instructional video.


  1. Course Introduction: Course introduction and overview of Pistol 1.5 Training course with Kyle E. Lamb. 3:12
  2. Safety Brief: Safe weapon handling and range safety instructions. 3:03
  3. Grip & Stance: Kyle covers what a proper grip and a good aggressive stance should be. 6:38
  4. Sight Alignment & Trigger Control: Focus on front sight, trigger control and proper follow through. 4:18
  5. Loading & Reloading: Kyle's practical and proven approach to loading and reloading. 12:59
  6. Draw & Presentation: Use speed where it matters and precision on your trigger pull. 2:32
  7. Controlled Pairs: No "double-taps" but controlled rounds fired repeatedly. 4:35
  8. Driving The Gun: Aggressively drive the weapon from target to target, lead with your eyes. 4:37
  9. Turns: Kyle demonstrates proper footwork, turns and movement towards the target. 4:36
  10. Strong & Support Hand: Drawing, shooting and reloading one-handed from both your strong and support side. 14:21
  11. Malfunctions: Kyle runs through a full range of malfunctions and the immediate action required to get back in the fight. 9:00
  12. Shooting On The Move: Eliminate the threat, while on the move. 15:39
  13. Barricades & Cover: Shooting from available cover and unusual positions. 12:27
  14. 9-Hole Drill: Shooting the VTAC 9-hole drill. 8:37
  15. Mindset: Kyle discusses the Warrior Mindset. Aggression saves lives. 6:46
  16. Scrambler: Replicating a real-world environment with the "Scrambler" drill. 5:09
  17. Conclusion: Conclusion with Kyle E. Lamb. 2:19

Kyle E. Lamb served for 21 years, 17 of which were with the most elite elements of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He has been decorated for valor in Mogadishu, Somalia, during the battle that was made famous by the movie Blackhawk Down. He was also decorated for valor during Operation Iraqi Freedom. SGM (RET) Lamb is one of the most credible and sought-after shooting and tactics instructors in the country. The owner of Viking Tactics, his master-level expertise comes directly from real-world experience.