5.11 Tactical Summer 6" Black Socks

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  • Durable, comfortable and functional
  • Superior fit
  • Multiple zones of compression for comfort and support
  • Moisture wicking polyester fibers to keep feet dry and comfortable


Quite possibly the most comfortable sock you'll ever wear, the Taclite 6" Sock is designed to accompany all of the boots of the 5.11 Tactical Series® family. Constructed with multiple zones of compression and fabric blends for increased blood circulation, heat reduction and moister wicking, this Taclite 6" Sock is an integral part of 5.11's footwear Shock Mitigation System™. In combination with any 5.11 boot, the Taclite 6" Sock rounds out a system to protect your feet, keep them dry and comfortable while allowing you to move quickly and easily in any situation. This Taclite 6" Sock is specifically designed for summer wear. It is thinner and cooler than any of 5.11's sock line.

Once you've worn these Taclite 6" Sock, you'll see that they are a true value in their durability, comfort and looks. Be sure to get several pairs of each style.