ASP Triad Tactical Light Case - Rotating

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The Triad Tactical Light Case (TLC) carries every flashlight in ASP's Triad line.

The lights are secured in the Triad TLC with the lens down. This position protects the lens from scratching and lets the user easily grab the flashlight's grip, pull it straight from the case and quickly shine the beam on a suspect or a situation.

The Triad TLC's clip attaches securely to a duty belt, dress belt or Molle vest and rotates to 12 different positions.

To prevent wear and tear from daily use, the Triad TLC is made of polymer technology like that of the finest firearms. It has an open bottom to alert the user if the light inadvertently activates.

"The Triad TLC is both dependable and practical," Parsons said. "A law enforcement officer can rely on it in any situation."