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Avon C50 Mask Assembly First Responder Kit

$769.99 - $777.99
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The C50 has been developed using the same platform as Avon Protection's successful M50 based US Military Joint Services General Purpose Mask.

The C50 offers high protection and an outstanding field of vision and superior comfort. The innovative design features optimize the user's time in the operational arena for CBRN protection in law enforcement or counter terrorism operations.

Also, with the appropriate filter, the C50 protects against a range of CBRN threats including chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial chemicals (TICS), toxic industrial materials (TIMS), biological and radiological hazards and riot agents.


  • C50 Mask
  • Clear Outsert Assembly
  • Sunlight Outsert Assembly
  • CBRNF12B filter
  • CTF12 Riot Agent Filter
  • Mask Carrier
  • Storage Faceform

C50 Datasheet