Avon ST53 45 Min/FM53 Responder Kit - Twin Port

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Developed with the unknown elements of a threat scenario in mind, the ST53™ is the most advanced CBRN respiratory solution on the market. The ST53 combines Avon's FM53 mask technology with an advanced modular breathing apparatus to provide positive pressure SCBA and/or PAPR capability for specialist operations.

  • Full back frame system offering 4.7 litre, 6.8 litre, and 9 litre lightweight carbon cylinder options
  • Nickel-plated brass cylinder valve with option of locking and non-locking configurations.
  • Remotely accessible, chest mounted pressure gauge for monitoring of pressure.
  • Whistle for end of service alarm which has the ability to be disabled if required.
  • World's smallest chemically hardened first breath demand valve provides constant positive pressure.
  • Option to mount on either side of the mask.
  • CDV is attached to the mask via the standard 40mm thread connection.

**Shown with Avon FM53 Mask