BTI Handle Holder w/Velcro Retainer Strap

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BTI Tool Hollders are easy to use heavy duty Tool Holders that work in conjunction with BTI´s Tactical Tools.

BTI Tool Holders come with an adjustable retainer strap that can accommodate a wide variety of tools. The durable velcro strap holds the tool securely in place but still allows for easy accessibility.

The patent pending Tool Holders are attached by utilizing the "molly webbing" on the operators´ vest. The custom designed and engineered Holders make a perfect fit for BTI´s Tactical Tools. The Holder is attached by weaving the vertical straps through the "molly webbing" and securing it with the snaps. By using the horizontal straps or a combination of the four straps the Holder can also be attached horizontally or at an angle. The attachment flexibility makes possible the use of other attachment points besides the "molly webbing"

The Holders allow the operator to carry one tool or multiple tools out of the way but keeps them easily accessible. Once attached, the tool is simply inserted into the Holder and the tool head keeps the tool from going all the way through. Features include durable nylon covering, rubber end rings for stealth, two vertical and two horizontal attachment straps with heavy duty snaps.