Def-Tec 37mm Smoke Skat-Shell

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The Skat Shell 37 mm Saf-Smoke™ is widely used as a crowd management tool for the rapid and broad deployment of chemical agent. This round contains separate sub-munitions that function individually once the round is discharged. The shell is 5.5 in. by 1.5 in. and delivers approximately 1.2 oz. of active agent out to 100 yards. This round may be fired in the air at an angle of approximately 25-30 degrees to achieve maximum stand-off distance, or it may be skip fired into the target area from lesser distances.

  • Minimum order of $300 on these items
  • Freight charges are 15% of order total
  • All orders for munitions require department purchase order
  • FET form required

Click here for the FET pdf form.