Def-Tec 40mm Inert Powder Ferret Round

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The Ferret® 40 mm Inert Powder Barricade Penetrating Round is filled with an inert powder. It is a frangible projectile that is spin stabilized utilizing fins and barrel rifling. It is non-burning and suitable for indoor use. Used as a training round for our 40 mm CN, CS, and OC Powder 40 mm Ferret® rounds. Instantaneous discharge on impact. This round has a velocity of 450 fps and it has a maximum effective range of 50 yards/45.7 meters. Its payload is discharged upon impact.

  • Minimum order of $300 on these items
  • Freight charges are 15% of order total
  • All orders for munitions require department purchase order
  • FET form required

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