Def-Tec Distraction Device Reload

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The 15-Gram Non-Reloadable Distraction Device® unit incorporates an M201A1 type fuse. It features a two piece design that is secured with a tig weld that utilizes a left hand tread in a steel collar preventing the device from being reloaded/used in conjunction with the standard 8901 reload.

The Distraction Device unit should only be deployed in areas that have been visually observed and clear of potential hazards.

Must have a current training certificate (within past two years). Must be issued by Defense Technology or the National Tactical Officers Association, or a state accredited training agency (and must be stated on the certificate). 5 pc order minimum.

Minimum order of $300 on these items. Freight charges are 15% of order total. ** All order for munitions require department purchase order. FET form required.

Please note this Product Safety Advisory from 1/5/2009 regarding this product

Click here for the FET pdf form.