Def-Tec Premium WallBanger System

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Your door knock will never be the same again. Using the Defense Technology™ 7001CI charge, the WallBanger™ will breach a wooden or metal door, window, or even create a shooting port through a wall. Providing stand off, the breacher is able to reach the threshold far enough away to ensure a smooth entrance. Extended, it will deliver a charge to a second floor window. Using interchangeable heads, the WallBanger™ has amazing versatility and durability to overcome the challenges officers encounter.

Four attachments are available for use with the WallBanger™:

  • The Single WallBanger™ (one Defense Technology™ 8901C1 device)
  • The Double WallBanger™ (two Defense Technology™ 8901C1 devices)
  • The OC Blaster (rake and break plus OC deployment)
  • The DoorKey™ (flash-bang breaching device)