Def-Tec Stinger Rubber Ball Grenade

Please call (800) 781-2677 to order Munitions

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The Stinger® Rubber Ball Grenade is a maximum effect device that delivers three stimuli for psychological and physiological effects: rubber pellets, light, and sound. The Stinger® Rubber Ball Grenade is most widely used as a crowd management tool by Law Enforcement and Corrections. The Stinger® Rubber Ball Grenade has an initial 1.5 second delay that initiates fuze assembly separation, followed by another .5 second delay before the blast which is sufficient to project the rubber balls in a 50 foot radius.

  • Minimum order of $300 on these items
  • Freight charges are 15% of order total
  • All orders for munitions require department purchase order
  • Certificate of Training, Agency Letter of Intent, and FET form are required

Click here for the FET pdf form.