Forensics Source Inkless Foot/Shoe Print Kit

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Identicator's legendary LE 25 Inkless Shoe Print Kit has been completely redesigned to aid and simplify the taking of shoe or foot prints anywhere from the crime scene to the crime lab. The kit comes with (100) chemically-sensitive impression sheets per pack. The included inkless coater produces up to (200) impressions per kit. Replacement impression sheet pads and coaters can be purchased separately to easily and cost-effectively replenish the kit.

  • Conveniently combines inkless coater and impression sheet pads in a single folio
  • Utilizes Identicator's proprietary inkless chemistry for permanent, high-contrast black prints
  • No more lost or damaged impression sheets
  • Each kit contains one coater and one pad of (100) impression sheets
  • Coater and impression sheet pads refills available separately