Garrett Magnascanner CS-5000

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The special design of the Magnascanner 5000 provides uniform head-to-toe detection without a foot ramp. This no-nonsense, maximum-security walk-through weapons/metal detector will detect the full range of restricted weapons, including the Glock pistol and ferrous (iron/nonferrous) small caliber weapons. It meets and exceeds the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice and Federal Aviation Administration standards.

Microprocessors in both detection and control circuits insure sensitivity and flexibility of programming never before possible in a metal detector. The Magnascanner CS offers an almost infinite number of precise and reset able program/sensitivity settings, enable it to respond more effectively to weapons while ignoring harmless objects.

The touch pads and LCD clearly report all calibration and operation information simplify operations. A dual-level system of access codes enhances security while eliminating bothersome keys.

The CS 5000 is one of the industry's most economical and effective walk-through metal detectors. Its microprocessor technology offers greater sensitivity for detecting weapons from the archway to the floor. It is constructed with attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate with resilient end caps to endure high-volume security checkpoint usage.

  • Microprocessor technology in detection and control circuitry—includes 20 standard application programs.
  • Overhead control unit: LCD, alarm light, LED bar graph and control touchpads—plus all wiring, connections and electronics—are integrated into a single overhead compartment to eliminate exposure of wires and the external control box.
  • Uniform coverage from archway to floor.
  • Greater sensitivity for detecting metal weapons—maximum of 200 distinct sensitivity levels.
  • Continuous online report of operating status.
  • Tamper proof settings through computerized access codes.
  • Three levels of ankle-boost sensitivity.
  • Self diagnostic program: complete and automatic.
  • Noise reduction to prevent false alarms.
  • Rugged, lightweight design for simple maintenance and easy portability.
  • Easy assembly: designed with only four (4) pieces and eight (8) screws. Simple-to-follow instructions.
  • Optional battery pack for use anywhere; provides up to 20 hours of backup.
  • Limited 24-month warranty: parts and labor.