Ghost Tactical Baselayer T-Shirt

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GT - BLB711
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Ghost baselayer shirts do not require any washing to stay fresh. Unlike all other "anti-microbial" fabrics that only posses a weak passive barrier against odor causing contaminants, Ghost's DR711 treatment actively absorbs and kills 99.9% of all microbes and bacteria that it touches within eight hours. When other shirts quickly succumb to the continuous onslaught of sweat and other contaminants, DR711 treated fabric will stay odor free, clean, and pleasant to wear even after extremely long periods of use.

Because Ghost products are constructed of high-performance engineered cotton, operators are never at risk of injury complications due to material melt under high temperatures. The usage of this polymer-free technology means the wearer can rest easy knowing that they are fully protected from apparel-related burn complications after gunshot wounds, explosions, or heat related injuries


  • Military spec fit and pre-shrunk
  • Treated with Ghost's proprietary DR711 anti-microbial technology
  • 100% made in the USA
  • Quick Drying

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