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Lightning Powder w/Supranano Particles - Fluorescent Yellow Suspension - 250 ml.

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Lightning Powder® Suspensions with Supranano™ Particles are specially formulated to develop latent prints and footwear marks on non-porous (glass, ceramics) and semi-porous surfaces (plastics, nonferrous metals). Suspensions are a viable alternative to CNA development. They can be used after CNA development to stain fumed latent prints and also process prints not developed by the cyanoacrylate process. Suspensions also make it possible to develop latent prints contaminated by water.

  • Smaller particle size than other suspensions delivers improved print definition
  • Able to develop latent prints and footwear marks on a wide range of surfaces
  • Quick and effective application by pouring, dipping or spraying the item
  • No special equipment or HSE needed
  • Available in a variety of colors and fluorescents for use on different surfaces