Monadnock Autolock X3 26" Baton

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The new X3 baton series features enhancements to the original AutoLock positive locking design with notable improvements including:

  • An updated cam and stainless steel ball bearing design which offers reliably consistent locking action.
  • A more solid feel in the hand when performing or demonstrating techniques.
  • New smooth plastic nose on the baton handle for more efficient holstering and transition from the holster to the hand.
  • New blackened electroless nickel finish that improves corrosion resistance on the inside and outside of the baton.

The AutoLock X3 series of positive lock batons are offered in 16", 18", 21", 22" and 26" lengths. The shaft features a blackened electroless nickel finish and is available with either a foam or Super Grip which offer excellent tear strength.