Monadnock Hindi Baton Cap

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Monadnock would like to introduce the Hindi Baton Cap™, the latest advancement in the field of baton retention. Most officers are aware of just how important baton retention can be in the field. It keeps your baton out of the hands of violent subjects and enhances the performance of your baton during both striking and restraint techniques. The Hindi Baton Cap™ addresses all of these concerns and much more. Some of the benefits of the Hindi Baton Cap™ include:

  • Firm grip for maximum performance and control during training or in the field.
  • Easily locate your baton on your belt for quick drawing.
  • Easily identify which is the baton grip end, even if dropped in the dark.
  • Closing your baton is quick and easy because your palm centers over the tip.
  • If you ever drop your baton it will NOT roll far, making it easy to retrieve.