Protech FAV AWS Vest - BV02 Type IIIA

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Ballistic protection for tactical operations

The new FAV™ Advanced Webless System (AWS) continues the tradition of the FAV Family of Products by offering the latest in lightweight carrier design for high-risk tactical operations and offers ballistic protection and configuration to meet mission requirements. The FAV AWS features the new Honeywell Spectra® Composite material and when comparing to traditional modular webbing platforms, translates into an astounding 33% overall system weight reduction.

The AWS benefits don't stop there, the new Spectra material also has a high break strength that is over 15% stronger than standard 1000 Denier Nylon. Complimented with high slit/tear strength, increased puncture resistance and overall resistance to flex fatigue.

The FAV AWS features the same sizing methodology, ballistic panel coverage/interchangeability and accessory compatibility as the traditional FAV MKII platform.

The FAV AWS also features a split front closure system in addition to the 360 degrees of new AWS material.

The FAV AWS does not include the ability to attach Spacer Mesh inserts and does not feature integrated magazine pouches.