Protech FAV AWS Vest - SM02 Type IIIA

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The new FAV™ Advanced Webless System (AWS) continues the tradition of the FAV Family of Products by offering the latest in lightweight carrier design for high-risk tactical operations and offers ballistic protection and configuration to meet mission requirements. The FAV AWS features the new Honeywell Spectra® Composite material and when comparing to traditional modular webbing platforms, translates into an astounding 33% overall system weight reduction.

The AWS benefits don't stop there, the new Spectra material also has a high break strength that is over 15% stronger than standard 1000 Denier Nylon. Complimented with high slit/tear strength, increased puncture resistance and overall resistance to flex fatigue.

The FAV AWS features the same sizing methodology, ballistic panel coverage/interchangeability and accessory compatibility as the traditional FAV MKII platform.

The FAV AWS also features a split front closure system in addition to the 360 degrees of new AWS material.

The FAV AWS does not include the ability to attach Spacer Mesh inserts and does not feature integrated magazine pouches.

  • Advanced Webless System: Allows for significant carrier weight reduction versus standard modular webbing systems. Durable and strong - paired with abrasion, cut, and water resistant properties, the flexible advanced webless system (AWS) allows for the ability to attach a fully customizable assortment of PROTECH ® Tactical pouches and accessories.
  • Dual External Top Loading Plate Pockets: Dual, multi-size plate pockets allow for the insertion of multi-size rifle or armor piercing threat plates.
  • Adjustable Side Closure System: The adjustable outer cummerbund secures to the rear by means of the advanced webless system and secures to the front utilizing a hook and loop platform.
  • Auxiliary Side Panel Protection (Removable): Pair of 6" x 10" ballistic side panels are inserted into outer cummerbund providing additional protection and range of girth. Elastic strapping system for 6" x 6" mini-side plates also included.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Closure System: Adjustable shoulders allow vest to be raised or lowered for proper fit.
  • Integrated Shoulder Protective Inserts (Removable): Shoulder ballistics are inserted into the shoulder areas of the vest to provide additional protection to the upper torso.
  • Weapon Retention Pad (Detachable): Detachable weapon retention system provides the user the ability to align the retention material to suit their weapon.
  • Shoulder Mounted D-Rings (Detachable): Pair of detachable D-Rings can be used anywhere on the vest by utilizing the advanced webless system for the mounting of various accessories.
  • Internal Cummerbund Retention System (Detachable): Internal cummerbund secures the rear portion of the vest to the body.
  • Officer Rescue Strap: Reinforced rescue strap located in the upper back area provides the ability to extract a down officer from a hostile fire environment.
  • Radio Wire Channel: Located beneath the officer rescue strap is an opening to feed radio wires or hydration tubes/lines through to reduce wire snags and keep lines out of the way. This ambidextrous channel exits in either shoulder based on user preference