Revision Batlskin Viper - Front Mount

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Revision Batlskin Viper Front Mount includes a Front Mount, a Front Mount cover, a hardware kit and a Field Guide.

The BATLSKIN VIPER FRONT MOUNT is a lightweight, multi-purpose mounting system for the Advanced Combat Helmet. It serves as a universal Night Vision Goggle(NVG) mount in a slim and easy to use design and allowstheseamlessintegration of the Batlskin Visor and Mandible Guards. Tested in a wide range of operational venues, the Batlskin Front Mount delivers class-leading stability for NVG use and thecrucial ability to up-armour when needed.

Allows for the attachment of protection enhancing devices such as a visor and mandible guard; also doubles as universal NVG mount. Lightweight and durable construction for modern-day battlefield use.


  • Seamless Integration: Core piece that seamlessly integrates Batlskin visor and mandible guard with helmet; also integrates night vision surveillance equipment
  • Stable Platform: 3-point helmet attachment assembly provides excellent stability for NVG use and other surveillance devices; no new drill holes required
  • Snag Free Design: Slim, lightweight and snag free design
  • Reinforced Construction: Injection molded high-impact resin base for weight reduction; reinforced helmet assembly points and aluminum NVG plate provide strength and durability