Second Chance APEX2 Carrier

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Please allow 30-45 days for custom carrier production

Perfecting upon the design of its predecessor, the APEX2 Carrier unites purpose and style with its advanced moisture and odor management features in this new stylish look. Not only does the APEX2 Carrier protect the integrity of your ballistic package, its low profile design offers increased mobility and comfort in a wide range of adjustability to suit the needs of various body types

  • Internal liner made of X-STATIC®XT2™ antimicrobial knit, which repels micro-organisms and reduces odor
  • Detachable shoulder and side straps for infinite adjustability and comfort
  • Unique design and hidden bottom zipper provide optimum concealability
  • Dual-plate pocket with an internal back insert design accommodates soft-trauma insert and 5"x8" and 7"x9" IMPAC™ special threat plates
  • Silver polyester mesh
  • Integrated Grip-Lok™ suspension system holds panels in place for reduced shifting
  • New universal strap kit comes standard with easy to use, mid-profile hook and loop design
  • Front and rear tails come standard
  • Available in all Second Chance® male and female structured or unstructured models
  • Also available as a SPA2 PolyCotton blend
  • Colors: Black, Navy, White, Tan, Brown, Gray and Olive