Sig Sauer SRD556 QD Suppressor - Stainless Steel/Nickel Alloy

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*Please Note: Purchase of this product requires additional ATF paperwork. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-781-2677 for information.*

The SRD556 QD is a Stainless Steel/Nickel alloy based silencer that use QD (Quick Disconnect) muzzle devices to attach the silencer to the rifle. Stainless/Nickel alloy silencers provide the highest level of durability, particularly with Short Barreled hosts using SuperSonic ammunition.

The 5.56mm QD muzzle device system is available in ½"x 28tpi threads match the vast majority of modern sporting rifles in .223/5.56mm on the market today. The rear mount has wrench flats to torque the silencer to the barrel. There is a secondary retention latch that is depressed to remove the silencer from the QD mount. The SRD556 QD comes with one ½"x 28tpi "Taper-Lok" Muzzle Brake.