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Steiner Nighthunter 8X30 LRF w/Reticle

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The Steiner Military 8x30 R Laser Rangefinder is a binocular telescope (BT) with an integrated high performance laser rangefinder and reticle. The BT utilizes precision optical engineering for maximum image clarity and brightness. Its advanced military design and fiber-reinforced polycarbonate rubber armoured housing makes the Steiner extremely rugged and lightweight. The BT consists of a left and right side. The interpupillary distance (ID) being adjusted by swivelling the halves of the telescope around its central axis. Each side of the BT consists of two parts, the optical carrier and the external housing. This unique construction allows for external force to be distributed and transferred away from prism and other internal optical components. The BT can be stripped down completely for repair purposes. The binocular halves are equipped with a two-way valve system and each inside optical chamber is pressurized with dry nitrogen to protect against condensation at variable temperatures. The binoculars are waterproof at a depth of 5 metres. The BT is encased in a protective armouring made of modified webbed thermoplastic rubber.

All aluminium components are anodized to protect against corrosion. External metal parts are finished with a coating of green or black colored enamel. The objective lenses are protected with collapsible plastic caps which are secured to the binocular body. The eyepieces are protected with a rain protection cover that is attached to the carrying strap.