SureFire DBR Guardian - DBR

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SureFire DBR Guardian - DBR

The rechargeable Guardian was designed and built with the Great Outdoors in mind. This dual-beam hand-held flashlight features two separate LED/reflector assemblies to deliver two very different beams, both incorporates our auto-adjusting output IntelliBeam Technology. The dual-beam configuration provides the ultimate flexibility to adapt to any environment.

A rechargeable lithium polymer battery not only powers both beams of light, it features a USB-C connector for taking a charge and also to charge small devices at 5 Volts with a current range of 1.5-2A (0.5A from a USB 2.0 source).

An ultrasonically welded body and charging port cover keep the elements out no matter the season. An integrated lanyard loop provides a secure attachment point to securely tether the Guardian to your wrist or neck.


  • IntelliBeam Technology automatically and seamlessly adjusts light output from 15 to 1000 lumens depending on environmental conditions
  • Five pre-programmed profiles that offer various output configurations including IntelliBeam mode (see chart below)
  • 19mm parabolic reflector is engineered to project a beam at far distances up to 227 meters
  • 12mm MaxVision Beam reflector provides a broad, rich beam for generous lighting at distances of up to 105 meters
  • Charges small devices at 5 Volts with a current range of 1.5-2A (0.5A from a USB 2.0 source)


  • Bezel Diameter: 19mm / 12mm
  • Length: 4.35 inches
  • Weight w/Batteries: 4.7 ounces
  • Output 12mm Low: 15 Lumens / 62 Hours
  • Output 12mm Med: 300 Lumens / 4.25 Hours
  • Output 12mm High: 1,000 Lumens / 2.5 Hours
  • Output 19mm Med: 250 Lumens / 4.25 Hours
  • Output 19mm Low: 15 Lumens / 60 Hours
  • Output 19mm High: 800 Lumens / 2.5 Hours