TCI Liberator III Dual Comm Headset - (2) COMM Links - (2)14" PRC Cables

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Secure Dual-Comm Tactical Headset Designed for TACP, JTAC, Combat Control, CCT, PJ and CAS Operators: More capable than any other dual-comm system.

LIBERATOR III BASIC dual-comm headset systems are exceptional headsets for TACP, JTAC, Combat Control, CCT, PJ and CAS Operators who require secure dual-comm capabilities in a highly modular communication kit. The system was engineered with direct the operator in mind and includes features and capabilities required by professionals. It provides optimal situational awareness for the operator, while offering TCI digital electronic hearing protection with Threat Compression Technology. The Liberator III Basic Suite differs from the Liberator III ITJCS Suite by reducing the number of ancillaries normally provided in the ITJCS package. All ITJCS ancillaries are compatible with the Liberator III Basic Suite and can be ordered separately as mission requirements change.

Liberator III Basic Suite headsets provide realistic and accurate replication of ambient sound and state of the art digital sound processing to amplify certain sounds and compress hazardous sounds to approximately 82 dBa. The performance of the Liberator III Lite surpasses of many hearing protection products, which clip or gate ambient sounds or do not accurately reproduce environmental sound cues. RF/EMI SHIELDING: TCI also provide a high degree of radio frequency (RF) shielding, which is a unique TCI enhancement, so the performance of the system remains exceptional even when used in combination with manpack radios.