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TCI Liberator III w/R.3PTT- Headset

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The Liberator III™ dual communication tactical headset series utilizes the exceptional performance capabilities of the Liberator II™ headset system, but differs by being able of providing outstanding dual communication when using two or more radios. Customers truly appreciate that each Liberator III™ headset comes with a single headset cable, instead of two separate cables, and a single PTT enclosure with two color-coded PTT buttons, versus having to use two separate PTT's. The intent is to reduce the need for additional cables, make the system easier to use and provide the users with a single PTT enclosure to control their radios.

The Liberator III™ series consists of three primarily variations, that are commonly referred to as Liberator III™ ITJCS, Liberator III™ Basic and Liberator III™ Lite. Each variation offers unique characteristics, capabilities and benefits and a vast array of customizations are available through TCI upon request. Of the three primary Liberator III™ variations, Liberator III™ Lite is most common with law enforcement and private security contractors and the ITJCS configuration is the most sought after and most commonly fielded for military and defense customers. The Liberator III™ Integrated TACP/JTAC Communications Suite (ITJCS) is a modular and highly-flexible "Multi-Comm" communication package allowing deployment of multiple radios. The ITJCS also enables an operator to rapidly transition between additional radios using the convenient interface transition feature. Liberator III™ ITJCS was engineered by TCI with direct input from members of the U.S. Air Force TACP, JTAC, Special Forces and Special Operations communities. The system was designed and engineered exclusively by Tactical Command Industries, Inc. based upon current and emerging capability requirements associated with software defined digital radios and modern force multiplication practices. Liberator III™ ITJCS provides optimal situational awareness for the operator by digitally replicating environmental sound, including the position, amplitude and heading of the source of the sound with Digital Situational Awareness Enhancement (D.S.A.E.) technology. This provides a unique means of threat detection and acoustical identification that is simply not possible with analog systems. Liberator III™ ITJCS includes battle-proven and industry-leading TCI Liberator III digital electronic hearing protection supporting true "Multi-Comm" capabilities.

The Liberator III™ tactical headset provides the most realistic and accurate replication of ambient sound and state of the art digital threat compression technology (D.T.C.T.) to amplify low-level ambient sounds and compress hazardous sounds levels to approximately 82 dB. With 360 degrees of auditory situational awareness support, the performance and capabilities of the Liberator III™ tactical headset surpasses many hearing protection products, which tend to clip, gate or distort the user's perception of threat position, proximity and distance.

Another enhancement offered by TCI is the development of a highly effective radio frequency (RF) and electromagnetic (EM) shielding, another aspect unique to this TCI product. In addition to improving acoustical performance, TCI's shielding eliminates potential crosstalk, which could lead to inadvertent retransmission of secure data/voice over a non-secure radio.