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White Sound Defense FOSSA-556 Black Oxide Finish

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  • Most Effective Flash Reduction
  • Mitigated Dust Signature
  • Compensated Muzzle Rise
  • Reduced Rearward Recoil
  • No Increase in Concussion or Noise
  • No Annoying Ringing Sound


The FOSSA-556™ is a high performance multifunction muzzle device optimized for the fighting rifle. It suppresses muzzle flash and vents gasses away from the ground to limit dust disturbance. It also eliminates muzzle rise and reduces recoil getting the shooter back on target faster, all without increasing concussion or noise.

It is imperative that a muzzle device on a fighting rifle reduce flash to the lowest possible level. Muzzle flash that is visible to the enemy will draw fire. The brighter the flash the greater the distance it will draw fire from. A compromise on muzzle flash brightness is a compromise on position disclosure. Unlike other multifunction devices, the FOSSA-556™ equals or exceeds the flash suppression effectiveness of the very best single function flash suppressors.

The second priority is to improve the effectiveness of fire. Muzzle climb is countered by redirecting propellant gasses with an upward bias. Recoil is reduced by the exclusive tapered (narrowing) vents which force a large percentage of propellant gas to the sides much like a traditional recoil compensator. However, unlike traditional recoil compensators there is no additional concussion or volume.

The FOSSA-556™ has been designed with great care regarding accuracy. It has been engineered and tested to ensure the highest level of performance.

Additionally, this device has been tuned to avoid the annoying ringing sound common with other flash suppressors.

This version of the FOSSA-556™ is made from 17-4PH stainless steel and is available with either titanium aluminum nitride or black oxide surface coating. The titanium aluminum nitride finish provides a low friction surface to minimize adhesion of carbon and copper and withstands gas erosion extremely well. The black oxide is a tried and true MIL-DTL-13924 military grade finish.

All muzzle devices represent design compromises. The best design for a competition rifle is not the best design for a fighting rifle. This design is optimized for a fighting rifle. There is no other device that does so much so well.

The current series (002) of this device maintains compatibility with GEMTECH HALO silencers currently deployed.

Note: Some states restrict the use of flash suppressors. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to understand and comply with state and local laws.

This device is patent pending.