White Sound Defense H.R.E.D. Plunger Assembly for Glock Pistols in .357 Sig / .40 S&W

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The H.R.E.D.™ assembly is designed to increase extractor reliability under harsh operating conditions or when employing poor quality ammunition. It accomplishes this by redistributing mass so that the movement of the slide assists the plunger, rather than fighting against it. The components are machined from a corrosion resistant stainless steel and include a White Sound Defense heavy duty extractor spring to further ensure reliable function. The H.R.E.D.™ is compatible with both 3rd and 4th generation pistols.


This product is recommended for use with the Glock (LCI) style extractor, or other extractors designed for use with the shorter (part 2714) 'Spring Loaded Bearing'.

Installation Note:

The short solid end is inserted first into the rear of the slide. When installed correctly the short solid end will be in contact with the extractor and the longer solid end will be touching the slide cover plate. This is opposite in appearance to the stock assembly.