Winchester .40 180gr. Full Metal Jacket

Style: WINQ4238
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Part No. Q4238
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Must order in qtys of 10 boxes. If you want qtys other than 10, please call our customer service line.

10 boxes = 1 case

  • Cartridge: 40 Smith & Wesson
  • Bullet Weight: 180
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1020
  • Ballistic Co-efficient: 0.167
  • Barrel Length: 4.00"
  • Rounds Per Box: 50


Q: Why is it so hard to find firearms and ammunition?

A: The firearms and ammunition industry has been facing unprecedented demand for their products since November of last year. Consumers are purchasing because they are in fear of legislation that would restrict their ability to own these products. Law Enforcement agencies are purchasing because their own supplies have been depleted due to budget cuts. Speculators are trying to purchase bulk ammunition and firearms with the intent of selling it at inflated prices on online auction sites and at gun shows. At the same time, our suppliers have been unable to expand production because most were already operating at full capacity prior to these events. Many firearms and ammunition suppliers have reported their entire 2013 production is sold out and are now quoting 2014 and 2015 deliveries for new orders.

Q: Why is Atlantic Tactical selling ammunition that it does not have in stock?

A: In light of many companies that are price gouging customers, we have decided to allow customers to backorder firearms and ammunition with us at our normal Pre-craze pricing.

Q: Why doesn't Atlantic Tactical's website show stock status?

A: We've chosen to disable the stock status feature on our website because the situation is simply too fluid. Unlike some web-only business, we are a true multi-channel merchant. We could show 50 cases of 9mm 115gr. FMJ ammunition in stock and in 15-20 minutes it takes for you to place your order, have it uploaded and processed and sent to one of our warehouses for picking, we could have an LE agency walk into that store and clean us out. That's why we've chosen to post the message that most of our ammunition is out of stock and backordered. It's not a perfect situation but we are sticking to the "under promise and over deliver" philosophy.

Q: When could I expect to receive my ammunition?

A: Unfortunately, our firearms/ammunition/magazine vendors have ceased quoting us delivery times. The situation for them is too fluid to be able to provide accurate information. We receive shipments almost every day and are constantly filling our existing backorders. We have tens of millions of rounds of ammunition on order and based on what we've seen so far, we've been able to fill customer orders in 2-6 months.

Q: Why is my card charged at the time of the sale?

A: Unfortunately, some of our customers are speculators who are purchasing firearms and ammunition for the purpose of resale. These customers will place multiple orders with several different distributors and then as soon as they receive the first order, cancel the balance. Likewise, if the inflated market for these products suddenly dried up, they would cancel the orders. If this happened, we could be left with several years worth of inventory on the shelf. Our premise is pretty simple, we aren't going to try to rip anyone off by price gouging but we also need to be protected from speculators so we ask for payment in advance to ensure the buyer is serious.

Q: Is Atlantic Tactical a trustworthy source to purchase ammunition?

A: Atlantic Tactical has been in business since 1972. We are one of the largest law enforcement ammunition distributors in the nation. We faithfully service thousands of police departments across the country.

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