ASP 55154 OC Key Defender- Black

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Pepper Spray. The Key Defender OC is lightweight, low profile, and easily carried on its own keyring. It provides two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin Capsicum protection. Straignt line activation places a cone-shaped spray on target. ... even in the dark!

Due to legal restrictions, we are unable to ship pepper spray products to our customers in New York and Massachusetts.

For individual customers, it is your responsibility to determine and comply with all applicable international, federal, state and local laws.

Personal defense spray and foam products are delivered by ground shipment methods only.

The purchase and/or possession of pepper spray for lawful purposes may be regulated or restricted by some states and localities with regard to the purchase, carry, possession, concentration, amount, and use of such defense sprays including but not limited to: Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., and Wisconsin. This list is not exhaustive nor is it intended to provide legal advice.

Laws and regulations are subject to change. Consult your federal, state and local laws and regulations or your local police department if you have any questions regarding these products.