Blackinton A4931 Gold 1/4" Star - No Back

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The Blackinton® name has been synonymous with expert craftsmanship since its early beginnings in 1852. The high standards that Virgil Blackinton established in those early days were strictly enforced throughout the decades and Blackinton® continues to do so to this day.

Today, Blackinton® also combines that old world craftsmanship with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to produce the finest quality badges and insignia for law enforcement professionals.

Blackinton® is proud of their early American heritage and proud that Blackinton® products are made in the USA.

Blackinton® is the largest manufacturer of badges and insignia, created by highly skilled and talented individuals working together to achieve artistry in metal.

Today, the full range of Blackinton® products offers proof that the tradition of versatility, creativity and fine craftsmanship established in 1852 is still the driving force behind the Blackinton® name. It's what is called the Blackinton® Advantage and it's what makes Blackinton® the number one choice of law enforcement professionals everywhere.