Celox 8" x 8" Hemostatic Dressing Pad

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Celox Gauze Pads are dense, stable pads of gauze imbedded with Celox Hemostatic Granules designed to stop bleeding fast. Celox Dressings are simple to use, just pack the wound and apply pressure. Celox Hemostatic Granules create a gel-like seal over the wound and stop minor bleeding with one minute compression.

Celox Granules are made from chitosan. Chitosan is a non-allergenic, highly purified polymer derived from shellfish. Studies show that Celox Products are safe for people with shellfish allergies. Celox First Aid Dressings will only clot the blood that they come into contact with.

Celox Hemostatic First Aid Products are effective for patients on medications such as Coumadin, Warfarin, Heparin, Plavix or Pradaxa. Celox does not generate heat and the will not inhibit wound healing. Celox Hemostatic Dressings are ideal for first aid kits or in the workplace and they are available in single packets of 8 inch by 8 inch gauze.