L&R 18644 Quantrex 650 Tac-Pac Set-Up Kit

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Quantrex 650 Setup #18644 19.75" x 11.75" x 6" tank with 4 gal. cleaning, 8 gal. lub.

The Ultra Cleaning Systems and solutions safely clean firearms more effectively than manual methods by providing a uniform standard of cleanliness and exclusive CA2 heat action. That's why government, law enforcement agencies and gunsmiths around the globe trust L&R to clean their weapons carefully and efficiently.

Why Ultrasonics?

Firearms frequently need to be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated to ensure continued operational reliability. This is due to carbon, oils, products of combustion black powder, copper and lead fouling that can accumulate over time and cause malfunctions. Ultrasonic cleaning provides an unsurpassed clean for all firearm surfaces, both interior and exterior.

L&R lubrication displaces residual water in minutes, leaving each weapon lubricated and with a "factory new" look, feel and appearance.

Are accepted by leading gun manufacturers such as Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Heckler Koch, Beretta, Nigh Sites, Trijicon and Springfield Armory (just to name a few).

L&R Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems are used in every sector of firearms cleaning including: Police Departments, Armorers, Firing Ranges, Military, City, State and Federal Agencies, Gun Dealers, Gunsmiths, Firearms Manufacturers, Prisons.