Morovision Universal Helmet Shroud

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The unmistakable and highly demanded Universal Shroud is compatible with nearly all helmets with 1 or 3 holes, or helmets with no holes when used with the optional strap assembly. These helmet types include, but are not limited to, MICH, ACH, CVC, PASGT as well as non-ballistic helmets such as PRO-TEC.

The Universal Shroud helps to reduce any undesired goggle-to-helmet wobble. Advanced stability management system starts on the back side of the Universal Shroud where a gasket affixed to the unique curvature of the shroud creates a harmonious, self-stabilizing compression effect. The front side of the shroud has four high-endurance shock absorbers that further enhance the stability of the helmet mount and goggles. Using the Universal Shroud with any Norotos mount will result in optimum stability and longevity.

Keep your helmet mount and goggles together at all times. Recently introduced is a specially designed tether plug located on the shroud's left side. Simply attach your desired length of 550 cord from your shroud to your goggles. The tether plug is also designed to prevent damage to goggles upon accidental drop or disengagement from the helmet mount. You no longer need to worry about your cord getting snagged. This tether plug is designed to automatically release when snagged or subjected to the user's deliberate release. Please keep in mind that drilling your own holes in your helmet may affect the ballistic integrity or your helmet.