NIK 6501 Cocaine ID Swabs - Box of 50

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  • NIK Cocaine ID Swab

Convenient to carry, easy to use surface residue testing swab identifies cocaine residue and cause for further investigation. NIK® swabs are individually packaged for easy carry and use. Test results are immediate. The presence of cocaine residue will cause the NIK swab to turn blue. Unlimited shelf life assures that the swabs will provide accurate, reliable results when and where you need them.

Presumptively detect the presence of Cocaine by simply wiping a Cocaine ID Swab over the suspected surface.

  • Test results are immediate
  • Blue result presumptively identifies the presence of Cocaine and may be sufficient cause for further investigation
  • Each swab is sensitive to trace amounts of residue; far less than could be collected for regular field testing
  • Each swab is hermetically sealed in single-use foil envelopes
  • Unlimited shelf life assures these swabs will provide dependable results when you need them.