Optics 1 Thermal Augmentation Device (TAD) PV-1531

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Optics 1 Thermal Augmentation Device (TAD) PV-1531

TAD easily attaches to existing Night Vision Devices (NVDs) to increase threat detection and situational awareness. Low-power consumption, thermal sensor technology, and high-performance optics integrate seamlessly to provide advanced long-wave infrared capability. With the ability to mount on NVDs with a bracket, the need to refit helmets with special equipment is eliminated. Along with being able to withstand the harshest environments, the TAD's rugged construction is waterproof to 66 ft.

  • (2) 123 Lithium Battery
  • Soft Case, Black, Berry Compliant
  • Lens Cloth, Berry Compliant
  • TAD User Manual
  • QRC, TAD
  • Mounting Bracket, PVS-1531