Protech IMPAC-HT Handgun Threat Plate

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High-velocity handgun threats are growing every day. PROTECH's IMPAC HT provides protection against some of today's toughest special threat rounds. Ten times stronger than steel, the IMPAC HT is precision fabricated with multiple layers of unidirectional polyethylene, compressed at ultra-high pressures to form a lightweight, semi-rigid special threat plate.

  • 100-percent polyethylene composite
  • Four sizes offered
  • Lightweight
  • Special threat plate designed to protect against handgun threats
  • Special Threat tested against:
    -Speer .357 Sig. 125gr. FMJ
    -Speer .44 Mag, 240gr. SJHP
    -Win. 9 mm +P+, 127gr. SXT
    -Speer .357 Sig, 125 gr. GDHP
    -Norinco 7.62 x 25 Tokarev, 85gr. FMJ
    -FN 5.7 x 25 mm, 28gr. SS195LF
    -FN 5.7 x 25 mm, 40gr. SS197