Revision Batlskin Viper Visor w/Microfiber Pouch

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Revision Batlskin Viper Visor kit includes a Visor system, a microfiber pouch and a Field Guide. Attaches to Viper helmets using Batlskin Viper Front Mounts only.

The BATLSKIN VIPER VISOR is a lightweight and easy to use protective enhancement to the Batlskin Head Protection System. It provides flawless optics to ensure the soldier is never distracted from the mission, while its unique pivot arm allows for three in-service positions: up when not in use, vented for cooling, and locked in the down position to protect against movement during blast and ballistic impact.

Engineered for superior performance, the visor provides optimum high-impact protection, flawless optics and maximum field-of-view. Designed for quick donning and doffing, it is scratch, fog and chemical resistant.


  • Simple Mounting System: Mounted to the helmet using Batlskin Front Mount with standard NVG interface to decrease training time and increase standardization
  • Secure Attachment: Visor frame, seal and arm ensure secure attachment to the helmet during blast overpressure stresses
  • Multi-Position: Locked, vented and up positions allow for full ballistic coverage, breathability & adjustability
  • Ergonomic Design: Simple and ergonomic design for ease of use; one-handed attachment without tools or removing helmet
  • Flawless Optics: Lens optically engineered for the dismounted soldier ensuring flawless optics throughout the eyes' range of movement