Sig Sauer E223H1-20 223 Rem 60 Grain Elite Hunting HT Ammo

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Sig Sauer E223H1-20 223REM 60 Grain Elite Hunting HT Ammo

All copper superior hunting rounds yield consistent 1.8X diameter expansion using premium-quality powders and primers for minimum velocity variation. Perfected for AR style rifle feeding, optimized nose geometry combined with premium nickel-plated shell casings deliver consistently reliable accuracy for taking down game. The 60gr 223 Rem bullet has a muzzle velocity of 3,100 fps and muzzle energy of 1,280 ft-lbs making it an effective, hard-hitting round.


  • California lead free in compliance with California Fish and Game Code Section 30004.5
  • Consistent 1.8X diameter expansion
  • Lead-free projectile
  • AR-style rifle feeding
  • Ammo Type: Rifle
  • Caliber: 223 Rem
  • Grain Weight: 60 gr
  • Qty Per Package: 20
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3100 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 1280 ft-lb
  • Ballistic Coefficient (G1): 0.240