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Steiner 280 8x30 Military/Marine Binocular

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Versatile and with astonishing optical performance, the Steiner Military/Marine series has become one of Steiner's most popular performers. They feature rugged construction and look just like the binoculars Steiner builds for military use. Choose from models designed for enhanced performance over a broad range of uses, including hunting and wildlife observation in open country and mountain terrain, forestry, wildlife management or boating. All feature a 10-year limited warranty; rainproof construction, and Steiner's 20-yards-to-infinity Sports Auto-Focus system.

A tough, solid compact that offers plenty of magnification, rainproof construction and maximum versatility. Refined design after years of use in a variety of settings, from mountaintops to deep canyons, aboard and ashore. For spotting game or exploring nature's majesty, Steiner's increased depth-of-view puts all the action in focus at once.