Surefire Infrared / White Handgun Holster Light + Infrared Laser - X400VH-B-IRC

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Surefire Infrared / White Handgun Holster Light + Infrared Laser - X400VH-B-IRC

The X400VH was created to interface with SureFire's revolutionary Masterfire Rapid Deploy Holster. This compact but powerful Weapon Light features a unique bezel with cam slots, and pin slots on both sides of the body, that lock the light into the holster, securing the weapon at an advantageous angle for quick deployment. The X400VH is designed to automatically activate when the weapon is drawn from the Masterfire holster (if the holster is manually set for this function), saving valuable time in highstress situations and making one-handed manipulations easier. Because the Masterfire holster interfaces with the Weapon Light instead of the pistol, and features an open design, most any X400VH-IRc-equipped pistol can be accommodated by it.

The highly versatile X400VH dual-spectrum Weapon Light for handguns and long guns features an integral Class 1 infrared-laser aiming device and our innovative V-Series head, which provides both white-light and infrared illumination suitable for virtually any mission. In white-light mode, a recoil-proof LED delivers 350 lumens of visible, tactical-level light; twist the bezel's self-locking selector to switch to an infrared LED that generates 120 mW of IR illumination for use with night vision devices (NVDs) - no IR filter required. A proprietary TIR lens shapes the light output from either LED into a useful beam with significant reach and enough peripheral illumination for maintaining situational awareness. The commercially available >0.7 mW infrared laser - eye-safe for force-on-force training - provides a highly visible dot for aiming during stealth operations where focusing on iron sights with NVDs can be challenging. The rugged X400VH securely mounts to Universal and MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails via its Quick-Detach rail clamp, and activation is achieved via an ergonomic, ambidextrous rear toggle switch or with an optional DG grip switch. For sheer versatility - including beam shape, spectrum, and mission/weapon compatibility - there's no beating the X400VH.


  • Cam-slotted bezel and rear locking lugs on battery housing inter-face with Masterfire holster for secure weapon retention
  • Serves as the interface for the Masterfire holster system for almost any pistol with a tactical rail
  • Virtually indestructible white-light and infrared LEDs regulated to maximize output and runtime
  • TIR lens shapes white or IR light into a focused beam with ample reach and surround light for close- to medium-range applications
  • Features integral eye-safe, commercially available infrared laser sight <0.7 milliwatts (850 nm)
  • Quick-Detach rail clamp provides fast, secure attachment to Universal and MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails for use on hand guns and long guns


  • Bezel Diameter: 1.25 inches
  • Length: 4.0 inches
  • Weight w/Batteries: 5.7 ounces
  • Batteries: 2 123A (included)
  • Output White: 350 lumens
  • Runtime White: 2.5 hours*
  • Output Infrared: 120 mW (IR beam) < 0.7 mW (850 nm)
  • Runtime Infrared: 16.75 hours (infrared) / 20 hours (laser)


ITAR Notice:

Export of the commodities described herein is strictly prohibited without a valid export license issued by the U.S. Department of State, Office of Defense Trade Controls, prescribed in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), Title 22, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 120-130.

Laser Warning:

  • This device emits laser radiation that can injure the eyes.
  • Never look directly into the laser beam or stare at it at close range.
  • Never shine the laser in a person's eye at close range.
  • Do not direct the beam at anyone operating a vehicle, boat, or aircraft, as the beam appears very bright (especially at night) in a person's eyes, even at great distances.
  • Be aware that beam can be reflected off of mirrors or shiny surfaces.
  • Use the laser sight only for its intended purpose.