T3 Geronimo Quad Release System

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The T3 G2 Quad Release plate carrier is a revolutionary piece of gear. It combines all the same attributes of the G2 with a versatile and remarkable cut away system. In addition to the slick functional design of the carrier itself, the G2Q incorporates a tether pull buckle with a lever actuated cable release system. With this simple four buckle release system, the central trigger allows you to instantly release all four of the buckles. Reassembly is what makes this carrier so unique. It is almost as easy to put the carrier back together as it is to use the quick release system.

Low profile and highly modular, like its predecessors, it fits SAPI and ESAPI plate and soft armor backers, and its front panel carries 3 x 5.56 or 2 x 7.62 magazines secured by kangaroo inserts. The Molle system is integrated with horizontal and vertical webbing. The drag handle is made of heavy duty dive webbing that you can Velcro® in place until you are ready to use it. Quick release pull tabs are attached to the plate flaps allowing the plates to be ditched in an emergency. The new cummerbund system carries three rifle magazines on each side, side plates, integrated pistol holster, and radio pouches for single or dual comm's. The shoulder straps are made of hypolon material and designed to carry the weight of any size operator.