Colt LE6945CQB M4 CQB Monolithic Commando Rifle with 10.3" Barrel

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Colt LE6945CQB M4 CQB Monolithic Commando Rifle with 10.3" Barrel

The Colt LE6945CQB is designed to exploit firepower capability in confined spaces where lightweight mobility, speed and violence of action rule. The CQB can be comfortably carried with its 10.3” barrel, yet be instantly available to provide the type of firepower required to overmatch combatants. The CQB with a 10.3” barrel comes equipped with a one-piece upper receiver. Because it provides full 5.56mm power and accuracy in a very compact sub-machine gun size weapon, the LE6945CQB is often chosen over smaller less powerful sub-machine guns. Regardless of the application this weapon system provides the superior qualities that will enable operators to accomplish an increasingly wide range of tasks.


  • Caliber:5.56x45 Nato (.223 rem.)
  • Weight:6.25 lbs (2.84 kg)
  • Overall Length (stock retracted):26 in. (66 cm)
  • Overall Length (stock extended):29.5 in. (74.9 cm)
  • Barrel Length:10.3 in. (26.2 cm)
  • Rate of Fire: Semi
  • Rifling:1/7 rh
  • Effective Range:400 m

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The following states have restrictions on "high capacity" magazines:

  • 10 Round- CA, MA, MD, NY, HI
  • 15 Round- NJ
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