Night Vision Depot LS32 FLIR Monocular - 30 Hz

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Hardened for law enforcement and surveillance, the FLIR LS-Series Thermal Night Vision Monocular is designed for everyday use. Rather than rush on the scene with a flashlight that instantly gives away your position and only illuminates your immediate area, FLIR LS thermal imaging camera is just as portable, handy and exponentially more effective. At only 12 ounces and 7-inches long, FLIR LS is destined become an essential tactical advantage. No matter how clever a suspect may be, they can't hide their heat. You can see through smoke, dust, light fog, even foliage and camouflage are powerless. Take away every hiding spot with the LS Series.

There are two models under the LS-Series: LS32 (336x256 - 2X digital zoom) and LS64 (640x512 - 4X digital zoom). Each model is available in either 7.5 or 30Hz frame rate. The LS-Series has the following features: palm-sized portability, lightweight, rugged all-weather design, rechargeable batteries with over 5 hours of operation, White Hot/Black Hot/InstAlert Palettes, and a visible red laser. All models of the LS-Series are US made with a two year warranty.